The Most Anticipated Smartphone and OS Releases This Year


2018 is already bearing witness to astounding technological advancements in smartphone technology. While last year’s smartphones touted longer lasting batteries, eye view cameras, and ultra slim cases, this year will only get better.

Rumor has it that some of the top-rated smartphone manufacturers are coming up with mind-blowing phones which are yet to be released. Big-name tech giants like Samsung, Google and Apple just can’t seem to get enough from delighting their customers with much-anticipated, cutting edge mobile technology.

Here’s some of the most anticipated smartphone and OS releases coming out over the next year:

#1 Samsung Galaxy Note S9

According to recent developments at Samsung, the company is already planning incredible features for the Note 9. Though the Galaxy S8 included features such as advanced camera design, AMOLED display, waterproof construction and wireless charging function this can only mean that the Note 9 will be much greater and far more advanced.

So, what exactly can we expect from the new Galaxy Note 9? It is anticipated that this phone will have a similar design that has curved sides, but with a skinnier phone skin that may be ultra slim and a resound camera which should view just like the human eye. Also, the Samsung Galaxy is believed to be in a version of 10 nanometers in some functions and QUALCOMM snapdragon 845 in others.

Regarding storage, the Galaxy Note 9 will be 4GB while 6GB will be made available in the S9 Plus. Another wonderful advancement in the Note 9 is the second back camera for additional photo capabilities.

OS Software Updates: It is anticipated that Galaxy’s OS software will come equipped with additional device performance meant to solve outstanding issues such as application of security links. Though specifics are yet to be determined, keep a watchful eye out for updates closer to the device’s release date on March 16th!

#2 iPhone 9 / iPhone XI

As one of the most prominent phones receiving attention and over the years, Apple’s iPhone remains at the helm of leading edge of technology with new features added with each iteration. With a sleek, user-friendly and design, the iPhone is tagged as one of the most reliable smartphones to date.

What is most anticipated about this newest version of the Apple smartphone is a full-face screen design, a massive 6.1-inch LCD display, and a few other fascinating features including increased battery capacity.

Typically, Apple has released new renditions of their phones in the fall season, so expect to hear more about Apple’s huge developments later on in the year.

Software updates: So far, Apple has officially released its update to the IOS 11.01 for both iPhone and iPad users. This supports device performance, resulting in faster, seamless operations of the device. Though the OS 11.0.1 has been released anticipated major updates include more new features and changes in view when it comes to the iPhone 9 or X.

#3 LG G7 and V40

After the LG G6 was released last year along with the V30, LG has been at work fine tuning for the releases of the new LG G7 and V40 in the month of March.

Some of the features of the G7 will be increased screen size, though no curved edges in this one, a dual lens camera, and an angle sensor which is expected to be wide with fine imaging.

Even when the V30 came in with a nice, sleek design, advanced camera and other great features, the V40 is slated to come with even better features to suit many personal tastes and styles. This means that LG has greater features installed for customers in 2018.

OS Software Updates: As per LG, it was announced that it might take some time to receive software updates, though the Android 8.0 Oreo beta for G6 is already been made available in China. Worst case scenario is that the G6 users in Europe will receive its Oreo updates before half of the year is completed but this is still to be determined which could pose the same pattern for G7 and V40 users as well once released.

#4 Sony Xperia

The next generation of the Sony Xperia has long been predicted with advancements for a newly redesigned phone expected in 2018. Even though many people are sticking to curved smartphones, Sony developers are still keen on the sharp angle style of phones made from polycarbonate materials.

Rumor has it also that the next version may get smaller dimensions in terms of a diameter along with some other notable features such as a high-end Snapdragon CPU and smaller screen resolution. The phone is expected to be officially announced in late February or March in Barcelona. (And has since launched since the research for this article: on February 26th!)

Tips On How to Sell Your Old Phone After Purchasing a New One

If you plan on investing in a new phone, what better way to recoup some of your payment and ensure your old phone is properly disposed of or reused? Disposing of old gadgets is an immense problem, particularly when you need to deactivate records or even to make sure you get a decent measure of return on your old device. Here are a few helpful tips on how to sell your old phone after you’ve purchased a new one:

  • Prepare Your Device. First clean your device’s exterior to remove stains and visible dirt which could make it unattractive to buyers. Next clean your phone’s memory such as moving photos, and personal information from the phone to your new device.
  • Research where to sell it. There are various in-person and remote ways to sell your phone. If you prefer to do everything online, try sites like Gazelle, Amazon, Swappa or eBay where you can sell your phone directly to a buyer or post your phone so buyers can bid on it. You’ll get your cash (or gift voucher) quickly and can even look at what other sellers are posting to ensure you are selling your phone at an accurate price. You can also sell your phone locally in-person by connecting with customer through apps like OfferUp or LetGo.
  • Certify Your Used Phone’s Value. Use a mobile diagnostic software to evaluate the value of your phone’s condition. This will ensure that you receive the value it’s worth and your buyer can feel confident in the sale too.
  • Make the Sell! Lastly, prove to your buyers that your phone is in good working condition and make the sell! Not only do you already have your new phone, but you’ve earned some cash back for all your efforts.

With so many amazing new features to look forward to in 2018, it’s no wonder that this is an exciting time to be a consumer. Whether you are buying a new phone or jumping on purchasing someone’s used iPhone 8 once the iPhone 9 drops, all of these options just mean it’s easier than ever to get the smartphone that is right for you.

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