The Future Is Now! 10 Technologies That Will Change How We Live


Technologies that were once a figment of the imagination are now upon us. Whether it applies to the auto sector, web interaction and connectivity, smartphones, or industrial shifts, there is no doubt that the future…is now.

Auto Industry

While the technology is not perfect yet, self-driving cars are a reality. And with tech titans like Google, Uber, and Lyft investing large sums in the driverless technology space, which is projected to add $7 trillion to the worldwide economy, you can bet that buzz is real.

Web Interaction & Integration

Interactivity among emerging technologies can be seen in, among other things, augmented reality. This segment — which is projected to grow by as much as $90 billion by 2020 — integrates the virtual with the physical, and will continue to change the way we live and interact with our environment.


The smartphone market has come a long way since the first-ever smartphone, the Simon Personal Communicator, was launched by IBM in the early 1990s. Apple’s Face ID technology unlocks phones using infrared and visible lights, and it’s believed that Samsung’s Galaxy X model will be, of all things, foldable.

Industrial Shifts

Industrial shifts also show that the future is here. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are making some noise, especially in the area of blockchain technology. The blockchain uses a network of decentralized computers to record transactions in real-time. If you’ve never heard of it, you’ve certainly heard of the biggest application of that technology: the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Technological advancements in various verticals demonstrate that profound changes are afoot. While more is yet to come, make no mistake about it. The future is now.

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