The Best Software to Test Cell Phones For Bugs

Test Cell Phone

When your cell phone is working without issues, it’s easy to take it for granted. From calling to texting, instant messaging to streaming and gaming, you use your cell phone for all sorts of things . But your beloved mobile device can experience slower speeds, unexpected shutdowns, and spotty performance if it comes down with a case of the bugs.

Bugs, in the context of your cell phone, refer to computer program coding errors. They can be occur inadvertently. For instance, if a company releases an app update without taking enough time to ensure that it is fully tested, there may be bugs. Bugs can also take the form of malicious software that is intentionally created to wreak havoc on mobile devices. Consider, for instance, the Stagefright bug. Despite its name, it’s definitely not shy. The problem with Stagefright is that it has left around 950 million Android phones susceptible to remote exploitation.

And don’t think that bugs are limited to Android phones either. Whether Android operating systems, Apple’s iOS, or any other type, bugs are a fact of life if you own a cell phone, Fortunately, there are fixes for the bugs. The thing to understand, though, is that many of the apps you can find in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store will help with a specific issue. If you really want bug protection, however, you need an app that will provide a more comprehensive approach to protecting your cell phone from bugs.

One-Issue-at-a-Time Approach

Without a doubt, there are some apps and fixes that you can use to home in on specific problems that might be impacting your cell phone. Here’s a look at a couple of options:

Accu​Battery: If you want to keep your battery working great, then Accu​Battery is one app you should consider. It safeguards battery health, shows battery usable information, and quantifies battery capacity. Referring to research that shows that a battery can last up to 200% longer if it is charged only up to 80%, the company behind the app offers an alarm that users can use to lengthen the battery lifespan.

Screen Diagnostic: This useful app is actually only applicable to the Galaxy Nexus. What this utility does is correct a screen burn-in problem, which is otherwise known as a ghost image.

From “i” to “A”: One of the strangest bugs to have emerged over the last little while is one that comes courtesy of iOS 11. For some reason, some iPhone owners say that their smartphones autocorrect “i” to “A” followed by a weird symbol. You can fix this bug by deactivating the autocorrect feature.

Freezing Apps: If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the operating system for your smartphone and find that apps keep on freezing or crashing, you might have to uninstall and then reinstall those problematic apps. That should solve the issue. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to wait until a patch or fix is rolled out.

If you’re cell phone has an annoying quirk or a frustrating performance problem, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find some app to address the performance issue. It’s also possible that the cell phone company will eventually issue a patch to correct the problem

Test Cell Phone

Comprehensive Approach To Test Cell Phones

Instead of using multiple apps to fix different bugs, you can use a single solution to tackle and fix those very same bugs and test your cell phone. PhoneCheck Pro Solution is one such option. Our proprietary mobile diagnostics software is the most comprehensive solution in the industry. Built from the ground up to cover over 60 possible defects, our software eliminates potential human errors making PhoneCheck SM the most efficient testing and device identification product available.

If you’re like most cell phone owners, you use your mobile device for home, work, and play. But bugs can take away some of the functionality and enjoyment. If you have a small issue, you might be able to get by using a utility tool that addresses that issue. But a more comprehensive tool, one that will keep your cell phone firing on all cylinders, will keep the bugs away.

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