How Smartphone Diagnostics Tools Protect Used Phone Shoppers

In today’s world, people are constantly on their mobile devices. U.S. consumers spend an astounding 5 hours per day on mobile technology. We’re reliant on our phones for everything from business to pleasure.

Though with such heavy usage comes inevitable wear and tear. Mobile devices often need replacing after short amounts of time. Luckily, consumers can turn to the used mobile market to replace their handset without spending too much money.

It makes ensuring that resale phones are in working order all the more important. Used mobile sellers and buyers alike need to ensure their devices are in working order.

The easiest way to ensure you’re buying or selling high-quality resale phones is by using a smartphone diagnostics tool. Let’s take a look at how the tools can help protect used phone shoppers.

What Does a Phone Diagnostic App Do?

Phone diagnostics apps test a variety of different handset features to ensure both their hardware and software are in working order. The best apps involve a rigorous process testing everything from Bluetooth to battery health.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the things a smartphone diagnostics tool can test.

  • Camera: Your phone’s camera isn’t a crucial feature, but it’s one many people overlook when buying a used mobile. It’s easy for water damage or tiny cracks to render a phone camera useless. A good diagnostics tool ensures your photos always come out looking great.
  • WiFi Strength: Connecting to WiFi has become almost mandatory as we become increasingly connected to the internet. Diagnostics tools test the WiFi antenna to ensure it won’t drop signal.
  • Battery Life: Battery life deteriorates as phones age. Diagnostics apps can tell you exactly how much a used phone battery has deteriorated, and if it’s still worth buying or selling and make sure its battery does not get heats up when charging. Because I used to have a phone having cheap battery that gets heat up so quickly like any 500 degree flat iron used for hair straightening.
  • Cellular Antenna: Like WiFi antennas, cellular antennas connect phones to the outside world. Diagnostic tools make sure the phone can send calls, texts, and connect to cellular based internet.
    smartphone diagnostic tool

Consumer Protection

Both phone resellers and buyers alike benefit from buyer protection. Resellers make sure their customers are satisfied, while buyers get a high-quality handset. PhoneCheck, in particular, offers a diagnostics tool that helps protect used phone shoppers.

  • Unlocking Your Phone: PhoneCheck ensures the handset you’re buying or selling is unlocked and ready for activation. This includes both Apple’s device lock and Android’s lock. Both OS locks are very difficult to circumvent and make the used phone in question virtually useless.
  • The IMEI Blacklist: Finding your phone on the IMEI blacklist makes it essentially useless; especially if the phone was stolen. PhoneCheck checks IMEI numbers against the blacklist to prevent this issue.
  • Certificate of Quality: Phone resellers need to cultivate trust with their buyers. And likewise, buyers need to know they can trust their reseller. PhoneCheck offers certificates of quality for every phone that meets a certain standard. With the certificate, buyers can trust they’re buying a high-quality handset.

Diagnostic tools protect used phone shoppers from the pitfalls of buying a used mobile. The large used handset market means low-quality phones are in abundance, and protecting yourself or your customers is vital. In the second-hand mobile market, there’s no such thing as too much protection.

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