How PhoneCheck Is Leading the Way in Mobile Diagnostic Services

The used mobile phone market is booming. Incredible advancements in mobile phone technology over the past 10 years have put the pocket sized computers into 65 percent of U.S. households.

What’s more, even six years ago the number of smartphones in the U.S. exceeded the number of people.  Already the used mobile phone market is valued at 17 billion dollars.

It’s unsurprising then, that PhoneCheck’s own records indicate the market for refurbished phones will grow to over 300 million units by 2017.

With the strong surge in sales, the end user more than ever needs protection from buying stolen or faulty merchandise. Likewise, any retailer worth buying from must offer protection from these same pitfalls.

PhoneCheck is working to fill this void through its mobile diagnostics services which ensure protection for the trade-in, triage, and testing portions of the used phone community.

The current diagnostic services help provide marketers with trustworthy products that in turn guarantee maximum consumer satisfaction.

Their ability to produce software that protects the entire used phone market makes PhoneCheck certain industry leaders in mobile diagnostics services.

Is this a bold claim? We don’t think so, and here’s why.

PhoneCheck’s Services

So we’ve sung PhoneCheck’s praises and now it’s time to explain why. The diagnostics company offers a unique three pronged way to handle your mobile diagnostic services.

The processes combined under the moniker PhoneCheck, and deliver what is known as your PhoneCheck Mobile Certification. Let’s break it down by service type for an easier explanation.

mobile diagnostic services

Mobile Diagnostics

The mobile diagnostic part of PhoneCheck serves to test all of your phone’s hardware and software. This means checking for over 60 possible defects that human eyes easily miss.

Certain tests like bluetooth and cellular antenna analysis are often influenced by environmental factors. PhoneCheck sm ensures every test is run without errors from outside influence.

This level of failsafe testing is crucial to the end result of the mobile diagnostics. The entire PhoneCheck platform relies on a solid diagnostics test to keep the other components running smoothly.

It’s this commitment to a solid starting point that highlights part of the reason PhoneCheck is an industry leader. Cultivating a strong core process allows the flashier components of the system to shine.

Mobile Certification

The PhoneCheck mobile certification is the culmination of mobile diagnostics and also the main differential between PhoneCheck and other mobile diagnostics services.

PhoneCheck Mobile Certification works similarly to a Carfax history report. You’ll receive a digital certificate that provides customers with a visual representation of the phone’s condition.

The certificate includes important information like ESN/IMEI status, battery condition, iCloud status, model number, operating system, and more.

As a remarketer, you won’t find another solution as comprehensive and reassuring as the PhoneCheck Mobile Certification.

We like the certification process because of the benefits it lends to both remarketers and consumers. Secondhand retail-consumer transactions rely on trust. Merchandise is expected at like new quality even though phones are acquired from countless different sources.

With the PhoneCheck Mobile Certification, retailers have hard evidence that their products went through detailed diagnostics, while customers receive the peace of mind that the retailer used comprehensive third party software to verify claims.

AppLoader Pro

AppLoader Pro is the underlying software that drives both the diagnostics and certification parts of the PhoneCheck platform.

The software allows for 30 simultaneous device checks while also providing a solution for printing custom packaging labels.

PhoneCheck’s GUI solution stands out not only because of its excellent features, but also the program’s lightweight nature and ease of use. The amount of processing power needed to run AppLoader Pro is impressively low.

AppLoader Pro also wins points for affordability. Low cost combined with low processing needs makes the platform accessible to the smallest scale remarketers.

Summing It All Up

PhoneCheck has captured the mobile diagnostics market through a combination of quality software and an understanding of what remarketers want and need.

The rare combination of form meets function has positioned the company to spearhead the future of mobile diagnostics services. We for one, are excited to see what PhoneCheck does with its product in upcoming years.

One thing is for certain; you do not want to sleep on PhoneCheck’s diagnostic suite. From small time remarketers to large scale buyback operations, the software handles it all with ease.

Keep PhoneCheck in mind when looking for your next suite of mobile diagnostics services. We’d also like to note that the company offers free software demos upon request.

Look out for PhoneCheck’s name in the news sooner than you think.

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