Need Cash Fast For Your Old Phone? The Top Places That Buy Cell Phones For Cash

Places That Buy Cell Phones

If you’ve owned the same smartphone for two years chances are you may be itching to upgrade to the newest model of your favorite flagship brand. That’s not to say that you have to upgrade at the two-year mark — since a mobile device can last much longer than that. But the average American kept with his or her smartphone for an average of 25.3 months as of last year. That’s up slightly from 23.6 months on average in 2015.

When the time comes to swap your old cell phone for a new one, what do you do with the old mobile device? You can sell it, trade it, or give it away. Sometimes it might make sense to simply sell it and make as much money for it as you can. Other than online classified sites like Craigslist, what are your other options for places that buy cell phones? Fortunately, there are plenty of avenues you can take, so check these ones out and choose for yourself.

Pawn Shops

If you’d rather not sell online, then a pawn shop is an option. Be sure to do some research to get a ballpark range for how much your phone is really worth. Consider the manufacturer, model, overall condition, and things of that nature. Armed with this sort of data, you’ll be able to haggle intelligently and hopefully reach an agreement that puts some cold hard cash into your pocket.


An ecoATM kiosk makes the process of selling an old phoneseamless, and you’ll get paid right away. Visit the company’s website for an indication of kiosk locations. Before moving ahead with the sale process, backup your content if you want it for use on your new smartphone, cancel any service agreement attached to the phone, and then reset your cell phone so that your information is erased. You’ll want to refer to the site for device-specific information on how to get your mobile device ready to be sold.

Places That Buy Cell Phones

Garage Sales

If you live in an area where there is a critical mass of people, you can mull over the possibility of holding a garage sale. Yes, places that buy cell phones can include garage sales where people tend to flock looking for great deals on everything ranging from consumer electronics to mobile devices and clothing to cookware. Be sure that you do research into what your cell phone’s worth so that you can price it realistically and get fair value for it.

Gadget Gobbler

Gadget Gobbler sells all sorts of small electronics — the list is now past the 1,000 mark — and you can be sure that cell phones and smartphones are on that growing list. You’ll get upfront pricing so that you know right off the bat how much you can get for your mobile device.


If you go with Gazelle, the company will send a prepaid envelope your way — which means free shipping. They’ll comb over your cell phone and then, if everything checks out, pay you. You can receive a check, electronic payment via PayPal, or even an Amazon gift card.

When the time comes to buy a new cell phone, you may want to sell the one you already have. These ideas give you a few great options for places that buy cell phones. Again, be sure you know what it’s worth so that you get fair value. A PhoneCheck certified diagnostic can help you find out the true value. Good luck!

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