Industries Served

PhoneCheck Industries Served

PhoneCheck provides OEM’s, enterprise businesses, retailers, websites, network operators and equipment manufacturers, with a solution to identify, diagnose, repair and certify 2nd hand mobile devices. A PhoneCheck Certified device increases trust and value in used mobile devices.

Through our combined product offering across reading Identification, mobile diagnostics, and device certification we guarantee optimal device functionality, reduction in returns and peace of mind for buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and insurers of used mobile devices

Mobile “Buy Back” Providers

With the exploding popularity of smartphones, the cell phone “buy back” market has grown into a $1 billion+ industry in the United States alone. Plus the more advanced mobile functionality becomes and the shorter the replacement cycle becomes, the more urgent and necessary “Buy Back” service providers become. Our solutions not only optimize inbound triage and outbound QA processing of devices, but we also provide a trusted 3rd party certification of the device. With PhoneCheck, “Buy Back” providers can streamline internal workflows, decrease bounce rates, improve overall product quality and make precise buyback decisions. PhoneCheck provides an industrial solution designed for low and high volume diagnosis of Smart devices running on Android and iOS operating platforms. Most importantly not only does the device receive a diagnostic examination but it also receives a trusted 3rd party certification which can be used by both the Buy Back Service Provider and the customer to confirm the device is in perfect working order at the time of purchase and resale.

Mobile Buy Back Providers
Repair Service Provided

Repair Service Providers

With the exploding popularity of smartphones and easy, affordable access to the mobile Internet, the cell phone repair market has grown into a $1.4 billion industry in the United States alone. And the more advanced mobile functionality becomes and the shorter the replacement cycle becomes, the more urgent and necessary repair service providers become. Because our solutions optimize inbound triage and outbound QA processing of returned devices, repair service providers can streamline internal workflows, decrease bounce rates significantly while increasing customer satisfaction and trust. If you’re looking to improve overall repair quality, customer satisfaction and set your business apart from the rest then contact us today to see how PhoneCheck can help.

Mobile Network Operators & Retailers

With IDC reporting that vendors shipped a total of 334.4 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2015, mobile network operators and retailers face increasing pressure to optimize mobile device functionality and deliver effective customer service/repair experiences. Because our solutions can run up to 60 automated tests on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, mobile network operators and retailers can automate a diagnostic and verification process which can virtually eliminate customer frustrations with device performance, reduce the amount and complexity of customer service complaints and returns, and ultimately, combat their growing churn problems. PhoneCheck App Store and Play Store is a downloadable mobile diagnostics solution, which helps Retail support staff to educate smartphone/tablet customers on optimal usage of device functionalities and performance efficiency.

Mobile Network Operators and Retailers
Mobile Data Erasure

Mobile Data Erasure

PhoneCheck Advanced Data Erasure provides security for all organizations, mobile service providers and resellers to permanently erase all data from smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android operating systems. Our software has one of most comprehensive and trusted data erasure solution on the market, ensuring sensitive data is not exposed after mobile devices are disposed of, recycled, traded-in or resold. What sets us apart from any other market solution is we have the most streamlined/cost effective and easy to use solution.


Despite the explosive growth in the number and types of mobile devices, insurers have traditionally lagged with investing in mobile technologies that will improve overall testing, diagnostics, and claim processes. Because our solutions facilitate remote testing and diagnosis of smartphones, insurers can be faster, more flexible and more productive with processing insurance claims. This means improved post­sales customer service as well as recouped operational costs and manpower. PhoneCheck has developed a downloadable app which allows for remote diagnosis, empowering call center agents to accurately diagnose faults and categorize claims accordingly. PhoneCheck Software Solutions is a real­time analytics dashboard, seamlessly integrated with the PhoneCheck Mobile Diagnostics Platform. Our clients are able to extrapolate rich, data­-driven insights into device performance.

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