How Cell Phone Diagnostic Software Can Increase Your Used Phone’s Value

Cell phone diagnostic software

While certain types of cell phones tend to be more valuable from a resale perspective—such as iPhone, Samsung, and LG brands—numerous factors come into play when it comes to determining just how much you can command for your used mobile device.

Read on for a look at factors that will influence the value of your entry level, mid-range, or premium cell phone and how cell phone diagnostic software can boost that value.

How Much is it Worth?

Yes, the brand of your phone will be a factor; after all, you’d expect that a used iPhone would command more in many markets than a used Android cell phone from a little-known manufacturer. But the brand is not the all-in-all since there are different things that will help influence not only whether or not someone will actually be interested in buying your used device, but also how much a prospective buyer will be willing to pay for your mobile device.

Battery Life

One study finds that 66% of respondents said that they would be willing to pay more to acquire a cell phone that featured better battery life. While the study focused on the purchase of new devices, it goes without saying that users, whether buying new or used, don’t want a phone that they have to keep tethered to a charging cord.

This is a particularly sensitive issue when it comes to used cell phones since — assuming the battery hasn’t been changed — the battery life will only be a fraction of what it was when the mobile device was new. So, if you’re looking to increase the value of your used cell phone, consider replacing the battery.

Physical Condition

40% of people use a broken phone and up to 21% use a phone that has a cracked screen. If either of these scenarios is something you can relate to in a practical sense, then the value of your cell phone will be diminished.

Your best bet, since it might not be financially worthwhile to repair the physical damage, might be either to sell your used cell phone at a steep discount or to perhaps repurpose your cell phone as a dedicated MP3/MP4 player, alarm clock, or even gaming console.

Cell phone diagnostic software


As you might expect, the age of your cell phone will determine its desirability in the resale market. So, if you have an inkling that you might want to upgrade your cell phone down the road, it’s best not to wait too long. Many would-be buyers want a used device that is no more than a couple of years old, and they’ll want it to be able to run the latest apps. So, consider the age of your phone to determine a reasonable valuation.


Speed is also a critical factor. Embedded into the architecture of your cell phone is the processor, also known as the central processing unit or CPU. It happens to be the virtual brain of your cell phone. If your device has speed that is north of 1 GHz, then it should be a pretty decent cell phone as far as speed goes, but more GHz is better than less. So, figure out how much you have and be sure to highlight your processor specs to prospective buyers.

Cell Phone Diagnostic Software

Cell phone diagnostic software will allow you to check the status of pixels, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi diagnostics, outer and inner hardware, display, GPS, camera and microphone, and battery. With cell phone diagnostic software, you can reassure would-be buyers that they won’t receive any unexpected surprises since the third-party tests will guarantee that your used cell phone is 100% functional and operational—just as good as it was when it was first released.

If you want to boost your used phone’s value, cell phone diagnostic software is the way to go. Buying mobile devices online does not always make for the best of experiences since buyers don’t always receive phones that are in as good a condition as the sellers promised. But with third-party mobile device certification, your prospective customers will be able to buy with confidence.

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