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January 16, 2019

The Best Software For iPhone Troubleshooting

Why Perform Apple iPhone Troubleshooting?

Making sure that products work correctly is essential to the mobile phone business. iPhone troubleshooting is essential for everyone selling a phone. It is the single most important thing when it comes to re-selling phones next to trusted sellers and transaction methods. If you are consistently selling phones that are in poor working condition, whether intentionally or not, it will give your business a bad reputation. In addition, it furthers the stigma of the mobile phone industry being a shady, untrustworthy industry in itself. In addition, it helps with cell phone insurance and protecting your phone.How can you make it better? Before you put a used phone out for sale, you can make sure it is in 100% working order. Spending time to simply turn the phone on and test its major functions isn’t comprehensive enough. Aside from that, it is extremely time-consuming. Time is money, so being able to save as much of it as possible is essential.

Apple iPhone Troubleshooting Essentials

Aside from making sure your devices are able to turn on and make calls, there are dozens of other areas you will need to troubleshoot, as well. In addition, you can see whether there is a major issue with your phone or if your phone just needs a simple repair. This can end up saving you time, money and headache in the long run.

What to Test While iPhone Troubleshooting

Signal Strength

Signal strength is an extremely important thing to check for before selling a phone. This includes not only the signal strength while placing calls, but for Bluetooth and Wifi as well. If a phone does not have good Bluetooth strength, then it will not be able to pair with other devices and connect. This can include anything from speakers to selfie sticks. Being able to pair with other devices is a modern convenience that people love, so testing for this is important.In addition, Wifi is a totally standard capability these days that all phones should have. People all over the world rely on Wifi to use their phones for anything from work purposes to gaming. If your device has poor Wifi strength and capability, this is important to know so you can either get it fixed or sell your phone at a lower price.

Simple Functions

A few other essential functions to perform while iPhone troubleshooting includes testing the microphone and speakers. There are two speakers - one for the ear and the other that is used for the speakerphone - so make sure you test both. The microphone is one of the most important parts of the phone, as well. This is not only used to place calls but for voice commands such as sending texts, taking voice notes, using certain apps and using Siri.

Battery Health

The battery is important to test when re-selling a phone. Nobody likes having a phone that they constantly have to charge or consistently loses battery, and the blame will be placed upon you. If there are issues with the battery, you can test to see if it requires only a simple battery replacement or if there is a larger issue. For more information on batteries and battery life, check out our blog all about it here.

Operating System

The operating system is another important diagnostic to perform while Apple iPhone troubleshooting. This can encompass many things such as the speed of the phone and how quickly the apps open and close. The accelerometer is important to test, as well. This is the speed in which your phone changes from vertical to horizontal. If there is a lag, there are issues with the accelerometer that need to be addressed. The lag will prove to be irritating to customers and could lead to larger issues.The proximity is also something that needs to be addressed. This means how well the phone knows where it is in proximity to your face. When you hold your iPhone up to your face while on a call, the screen goes black so that you don’t accidentally push buttons. If the proximity is not working correctly, people can accidentally press buttons and drop their call, or the screen can remain black when away from their face and they can’t use the keypad.

The Best Tools for iPhone Troubleshooting

10.3 Diagnostic

Newer iPhones have different settings, so it is important to know how to use them. As of March 2017, according to a YouTube video from iDeviceHelp, the iOS 10.3 Beta 4 has its own ways to diagnose your phone. Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Turn the power off
  2. As you hold the “volume up” and “home” buttons, plug in the lightning cable to a power source This will allow you to use CheckerBoard, which is a new diagnostics system for Apple.
  3. Once you see the diagnostics screen, click on “Start Diagnostic”
  4. Connect to a Wi-Fi network
  5. If you are connected to The Apple Store, you will have additional options. If not, you will see a message telling you to visit their support site.
  6. After you’re finished, just click “Exit”, and you’re done!

Global Server Exchange (GSX)

You can also use Apple’s Global Server Exchange – or GSX – which has its own diagnostic tool. According to members of, it will allow you to check the battery, temperature, usage, and issues with software, apps, and memory. You can also use the iPhone Configuration Utility. It will allow you to check logs and apply profiles.

PhoneCheck iPhone Diagnostic

If you’re serious about running an iPhone diagnostic or if you need to check multiple phones at once, then there’s no better tool than PhoneCheck. Our Apple iPhone troubleshooting and diagnostics tool is the most comprehensive in the industry, covering 60 different possible defects. When you’ve run a diagnostic with PhoneCheck, you can be confident that your phone is working at its peak. If it’s not, you will receive a full print-out of what’s wrong so you can fix it.

Let Us Know!

Have you been checking your phones manually? Are you ready for an iPhone troubleshooting software to automate your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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