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December 8, 2018

The Benefits Of Using Cell Phone Testing Software

Give your products increased value

When it comes to selling used phones, we need to do everything we can as retailers to make sure they are in the best condition possible. When used phones come to us, they’re just that - used. Spending the extra time to get them into tip-top shape is worth it, and can dramatically increase their value. If a phone comes to you with a poor battery life, running slowly, at 3 years old with a cracked screen - don’t throw it out the door. While in your hands it seems worthless, making just a few repairs can easily double your money. This can include using a cell phone testing software to make things easier and faster.There are four major factors that contribute to a phone’s value:

  1. Battery life. This will be one of the first reasons people decide to ditch their current phone. When a battery begins to frequently drain, even getting to the point that it won’t charge, it is important that resellers know this. The only way to figure it out? Test it. A cell phone’s battery is never as good as the day it was first purchased, and nobody wants to own a phone that constantly has to be charged throughout the day. The best course of action is to test it, and if there are any red flags, just go ahead and replace it.
  2. Speed. Apps are one of the best inventions, however, a ton of them can slow down someone’s phone immensely. A quick wipe of the phone’s drive can usually clear up this issue, however, there’s no way of knowing without using cell phone testing software first. If you’ve done all you can to repair it and the phone still has a low GHz, it’s important to let the buyer know, just in case it doesn’t matter to them.
  3. Age. “An oldie but a goodie” is not something you usually hear when it comes to cell phones. Older phones usually aren’t able to support new operating systems and apps (especially iPhones), and people tend to get new phones after a few years. It’s best to sell phones as quickly as possible, and make sure they’re in the best shape they can be in for a new owner by running a phone hardware diagnostics. If the phone’s age is just too high and is beyond the point of repair - don’t despair! You can still sell this phone at a huge discount, or even repurpose it as a dedicated MP3/MP4 player, alarm clock, or even a gaming console. Most parents these days know that their children love to play games and watch videos on their cell phone, so the market for old cell phones for children to use is actually gaining a lot of momentum.
  4. Physical condition. Cracked screens, scratched cases and more are pretty common when someone has had their phone for a couple of years. However, selling a phone with a cracked screen is pretty difficult - make sure you take the time to fix these issues, and you can get a much larger return. If it’s not worth it to fix all the cosmetic issues, you can still sell it at a deep discount as detailed above.

Increase your bottom line with cell phone testing software

Cell phone testing software will not only help you put out quality products and give your company an honest reputation, but it will save you tons of money in the long run. Hiring someone to do cell phone diagnostics, or doing them yourself, can be an expensive endeavor. There are dozens of different testing points that need to be performed, and it would be a waste of manpower, money and time to have people do it. Instead, running phone hardware diagnostics can be done easily, in bulk, in under 2 minutes - and gives you a complete breakdown of what needs to be fixed.Some testing points include:

Cell phone testing software can also:

When all of the above is performed, you will receive a PhoneCheck SM Certification, which assures both the buyer and the seller that the mobile device is in 100% working condition. Once the device has been Certified by PhoneCheck SM, both buyers and sellers can enter into transactions with confidence that the device has been inspected and passed a 3rd party independent certification.

You don’t even need to be there

It’s true - you can perform remote mobile testing. All you need is the device’s IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is the identifying number all mobile phones have. Think of it as a used phone’s social security number. Each IMEI is a unique 15-digit number that allows smartphones to access cell phone networks and can give you the complete history of that device. If you look it up and see if perhaps it has been stolen, or maybe it has been around town quite a bit. When you get all that background information, you can figure out whether or not you need to perform some major upgrades to it. Will it be worth it in the long run? That’s for you to decide.Ready to get started on remote testing? Check out this blog to find out exactly how to do it, and a list of IMEI lookup tools here.

Rest assured you’re selling a quality product

Not performing diagnostics can give you severe consequences in the long run. Your company can get negative reviews, damaging your reputation. You could also potentially be compromising someone’s security. Giving out refunds for a phone you’ve already spent time to sell is not ideal, so make sure you take the time to run diagnostics on your products.When people purchase apps, use Google maps, use the browser or even put credit card information into Apple Wallet, a lot of extremely sensitive information is gathered. People who have used their phones for many years might not even have any idea as to what is actually stored in them or any idea of how to erase it all. There are so many hidden areas where information is stored, which makes it extremely important that you remove all of it before resale.Selling a phone whose IMEI number has been searched, diagnostics performed and upgrades completed will give you peace of mind that you are selling a quality product. We know what we’re talking about - because our software can help you do just that.

Let Us Know!

Do you use cell phone testing software? If not, are you ready to get started? Tell us your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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