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March 9, 2018

How To Sell Second Hand Cell Phones Online For Maximum Value

Don’t be too hasty to toss that last-gen iPhone into the sock drawer when you get the itch to buy a newer model. Your used mobile device is worth real money, and there’s no shortage of prospective buyers.According to IDC, the global market for used smartphones is forecasted to climb to 222.6 billion units in 2020, up from 81.3 million units in 2015.When you consider that some flagship smartphones cost around $1,000 in 2017, you can appreciate the potential savings. The average selling price for a used model is expected to be $136 in 2020: much more affordable for the average consumer.Are you interested in selling second hand cell phones online? Read this primer to get the best value possible:

Step 1: Analyze Worth

It makes sense to determine how much your smartphone is actually worth before you seek to sell it online.Higher-end models will generally command more money than lower-end phones, but you can get a pretty good idea of what your phone could be worth by doing some research on, say, eBay.

second hand cell phones online

The phones that command the highest prices generally meet the following criteria:

Step 2: Get it Certified

Used phone buyers are increasingly looking for phones that are certified by a third-party to ensure quality. Your buyer knows he’s not getting a lemon, and he’s willing to pay more in exchange for that peace of mind!Ideally, choose a service like PhoneCheck that offers checks and diagnostics for the following, at minimum:

Step 3: Create a Product Description

Now’s the time to review best practice for product description writing, even if you aren’t a copywriter (actually, especially if you aren’t a copywriter).

Step 4: Prep Your Phone for Shipping

second hand cell phones online

Before you meet the buyer or mail out the phone to the buyer, you should ensure that you delete all of your info -- documents, videos, pics, and other stuff -- from the cell phone or smartphone.If these files are important to you, back them up onto a USB drive or put them in a cloud.It’s also a great idea to have a professional services provider run a diagnostic on your phone to ensure your phone is really wiped clean.

Step 5: Negotiate and Seal the Deal

After fielding expressions of interest, you'll eventually find people who are seriously interested in buying your used cell phone. If you opt to sell via an online classified as site like Craigslist, then you'll want to take precautions such as exchanging the phone or the money in a public place -- amall, a transit station, or somewhere else. Selling via sites like eBay will be easier in this regard since you'll get to mail the product to the buyer without the need for a face-to-face encounter.Selling second hand cell phones online can be a profitable endeavor if you have the right strategy. The 5 steps mentioned above will help you to navigate the path towards a successful sale. You can be a professional used phone dealer in no time! Happy selling!

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