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September 16, 2016

Battery Diagnostic Solutions for iPhones

Do you feel like you’re always plugged in, a slave to your iPhone charger? Battery life is possibly the biggest issue iPhone users experience. And Apple really hasn’t come up with battery diagnostic solutions yet. Maybe the next generation iPhone will have super battery power, keeping you unplugged and smartphone satisfied.Until Apple comes up with a solid solution, or a new battery life inspired iPhone generation, you will need to solve your red battery woes yourself. This may appear problematic, but battery diagnostic solutions for your iPhone are actually quite simple to employ.Unplug and enjoy a day of full power. Navigate to your iPhone settings and let’s do a few battery diagnostic quick fixes to boost your daily battery life.

Battery Diagnostic Golden Rule: Get Rid of Push Mail

If your iPhone mail is set to “push” your phone is forever connected to your email server. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to get your email notifications, but it is also responsible for draining your battery life.Want more battery life? Use this battery diagnostic golden rule and change your mail setting from “push” to “fetch.” Simply go to “Settings” and get into your mail, contacts, and calendars section. Turn off “push” at the top and set it to “fetch” every 15 minutes. You can even set it to “Manually” for optimal battery saving.

Turn Down Your iPhone’s Brightness

Your iPhone screen may not need to be an LED searchlight blasting blue light into your face all day. You can set your screen brightness to help save your eyes from harmful blue light and add more daily life to your battery. This battery diagnostic is a definite quick fix with battery boosting results.Get into your iPhone Settings and scroll down to “Display & Brightness.” There you will find the screen brightness setting. You will want to turn off the auto function and set the brightness as low as possible. You can then adjust it throughout the day as needed.

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Your iPhone Equalizer is Draining Battery Power

Something never really thought of is actually draining your iPhone battery. The equalizer (EQ) used to give you awesome sound quality when listening to music or during calls is constantly processing. However, this iPhone battery diagnostic fix is a simple solution.Unless you are a DJ, your iPhone equalizer is not all that important. To turn it off, scroll through your Settings and find the Music tab. There you will find the EQ setting. Turn your EQ to off and save some serious battery life. You can always change the setting when you need to jam out.Employing these simple battery diagnostic fixes will add quite a bit of battery life to your iPhone. Be sure to charge your phone while sleeping or traveling for optimal battery life too. Your iPhone is meant to make your daily life simpler, and being plugged in half the day is no fun. Unplug and get the full use of your smartphone today.

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