Tips for Selling Second Hand Phones Online

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November 30, 2016
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Tips for Selling Second Hand Phones Online

sell second hand phones

Selling second hand phones is quite profitable. And if you know how to maximize your efforts to sell second hand phones, you can certainly generate a passive income.

“Though a few used-cellphone dealers have been around for decades, the business is expanding now because today’s most advanced smartphones are costlier to begin with and can fetch hundreds of dollars even after a year or more of use,” according toThe Wall Street Journal.

However, simply posting a stock photo of a phone with a limited description and no diagnostic information is a waste. You need to know the best online platforms to sell second hand phones, the details buyers need to make a purchase, and images that build rapport.

According to Statista, over 1.5 million smartphones will be shipped in 2017. And that number is projected to increase in years to come. This is good news, however, it also means competition to sell second hand phones is thick.

Let’s take a closer look at the tips you need to employ to become a savvy entrepreneur to sell second hand phones online.

Run Diagnostics and ESN Check to Ensure Quality

Before you begin to sell second hand phones online, you want to ensure your seller reputation remains intact. This makes running phone diagnostics on second hand phones prior to selling crucial.

You want any second hand phone you sell to have a clean ESN or IMEI. Aclean ESN or IMEI ensures the device is not stolen, or has unpaid charges.There are also a variety of other phone diagnostics you want to run, like checking cell phone sensors, dead pixels, Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, camera operations, and other software and hardware elements.

You can utilize these diagnostics in your images as well, showing potential buyers the ESN and screenshots of the diagnostics as you run them.

sell second hand phones

Photos are Essential to Sell Second Hand Phones Online

Making images to sell second hand phones online is an important step that many sellers overlook. In many ways, you are entering into ecommerce, andimages are an invaluable asset for sales and profit, suggests Fourth Source.

“As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words,”according to eBay’s Cell Phones Selling Guide. “Photos are the closest you can get to putting your Cell Phone equipment in the hands of potential buyers.”

You want to include all diagnostic images, ESN or IMEI number, and show the phone turned on. Employing photo tactics like choosing the right background (contrast), covering different angles, using lighting, and crafting a photo gallery are all best practice.

Craft Detailed Descriptions

Content is certainly king when you want to sell second hand phones online. You want to craft detailed descriptions of your used phones, leaving nothing to be desired by potential buyers. It helps to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

When it comes to second hand phones, buyers want a few vital details. They want the ESN or IMEI. Buyers want to know the devices service compatibility. They also want specs and info, including unlocked or locked, storage capacity, and features.

You certainly don’t need to craft a long product description filled with adjectives. Simply give the buyers what they need to make a purchase decision,detailed by eBay here.

sell second hand phones

Best Websites to Sell Second Hand Phones Online

After you have a clear idea of what is involved to sell second hand phones online, it’s time to upload your products. There are more than a handful of wonderful platforms you can easily use to begin building profit.

Here are three of the top platforms for selling second hand phones online:

  • eBay. Using eBay to sell second hand phones online has pros and cons. It is the world’s largest platform with tech buyers at the ready. However, there are commissions and fees involved.
  • Amazon. Amazon is a great home for your second hand phones, but competition can be fierce. You will certainly want to research your competitors on Amazon and price accordingly.
  • Swappa. This platform is dedicated to tech devices of all kinds. Swappa has no listing fees, and you are making sales to buyers directly. However, Swappa buyers are often looking for deals on to resell second hand phones as well.

There is a bit of work involved to sell second hand phones online, but the rewards may be worth it. Remember, your seller reputation online is vital to your success. You want to ensure all your phones are clean and working as outlined in your product description.