Phonecheck Certification

PhoneCheck – The Industry Standard for Mobile Device Certification

When a consumer or business is looking to purchase or resell a used mobile device
how can they ensure the device is working properly?

A PhoneCheck SM Certification assures both the buyer and the seller that the mobile device is in 100% working condition.

Once the device has been Certified by PhoneCheck SM , both buyers and sellers can enter into transactions with confidence that the device has been inspected and passed a 3rd party independent certification.

Upon completion, a PhoneCheck SM Certification report is generated

This report can be used to increase resale values, buyer confidence and to reduce returns.

Every PhoneCheck SM Certification tests for

  • Actual make, model, memory, OS version
  • Hardware Functionality
  • Apple ID Locks
  • Lost, Stolen or Financed Devices
  • And more…

Our test suites may be customized to fit our clients specific needs while reducing labor/training costs and human errors, and increasing efficiency.

Test Compatibility

  • IOS & Android Only

Full Comprehensive Test (2 min) including

  • Wifi Bluetooth, GPS
  • ChargePort and Battery
  • Front and Back Camera (Including Flash)
  • Video Recorder
  • Ear Speaker, Loud Speaker, Mic, Headset
  • Digitizer and LCD
  • Memory and SD card slot
  • Proximity and Accelerometer
  • Test Call
  • IOS – FingerPrint Sensor and iCloud Status