Why Companies Need To Rethink Their Mobile Diagnostics

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May 17, 2017
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May 26, 2017
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Why Companies Need To Rethink Their Mobile Diagnostics

mobile diagnostics

Running manual mobile diagnostics is frustrating. It isn’t efficient, and the components inside smartphones of today are innovative, yet complex.

If just one feature of your phone isn’t working properly, it could throw the whole device into disarray. Potentially making for a pretty poor user experience.

For phone resellers with a large number of mobile devices to test, streamlining mobile diagnostics is essential. Tossing out those traditional diagnostics will ensure just that.

So what’s the alternative to traditional, manual diagnostics? Let’s take a look at why those traditional tests for smartphones are no longer worth your time and money, and what the other options are.

Why Manually Check Every ESN and IMEI?

Companies want the most value from their investments. This extends to phone buyers and sellers. If you’re dealing with large quantities of phones, you want to make sure your return on investment isn’t too low.

One surefire way to lose money is purchasing phones with blacklisted ESN or IMEI numbers. Manually checking these numbers one-by-one takes tons of time, and wastes money.

There are Different Manual Mobile Diagnostic Tests for Every Device

Before you start running manual mobile diagnostic tests, you need to know the ins and outs of which specific software to use for each different phone brand.

If you want to run diagnostics on an iPhone, you have to use specific software. Android, enter pound, star, and a combination of numbers. This again would take lots of time.

Your time can be better spent focusing on buying and selling phones, running your website, etc. Wondering how you can avoid these time consuming, costly issues and sell only the highest quality smartphones?

mobile diagnostics

Enter the Mobile Diagnostic App

Phone buyers and resellers can make purchasing and testing used devices easy using a mobile diagnostic app. It’s the smart choice for smartphone resellers and everyday buyers alike.

The mobile diagnostic app by PhoneCheck runs a 60-point check up and gives a detailed report on a variety of the phone’s features, both software and hardware.

You certainly wouldn’t buy or sell a used car without having it thoroughly checked out, so don’t make mobile phones any different.

What Does a Mobile Diagnostic App Check?

Diagnostics for your used phones using PhoneCheck ensures all used devices are in perfect working condition. Remember that ESN/IMEI issue? With a mobile diagnostic app, you can quickly determine if a phone is clean.

How about running multiple diagnostics manually using different software for each brand? By utilizing PhoneCheck, you can run diagnostics on multiple devices at once, no matter the brand or operating system.

PhoneCheck Mobile Diagnostics also Checks . . .

  • Functionality
  • iCloud Status
  • Data Erasure
  • Memory
  • Operating System
  • Carrier
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Operating System Version

Each smartphone also receives a third party certification that proves to buyers that your phones are in certified working condition of the highest order. With a certification, you can resell your devices at a premium rate.

Don’t let manual mobile diagnostics cost your business time and money. Choosing PhoneCheck’s mobile diagnostics app will save your business time, money, and improve your reputation.