TronicsXchange, Inc. is a chain of retail “Buy Back” and Mobile Repair stores. Their website is over the past several years the company has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to “purchase errors”.  An example of a purchase error would be a customer brings an iPhone 5 with 64GB in perfect condition. The rep pays the customer for the device. Once the device is sent into the corporate office the company learns the device is not in perfect working condition and requires repair. This error happens in over 4% of all transactions and costs thousands of dollars each month in repairs and handling costs. Despite increased training reps are human and mistakes are continually made. Once the company begins using PhoneCheck Software to verify all IOS and Android devices errors are almost completely eliminated. Saving the company in both repair costs, handling costs and training costs.

The ROI on RMA’s alone is less than 3 months plus they save money every time they test a device due to the increased speed using the software and last but not least their devices sell at a premium because consumers and wholesalers alike both recognize that a device that is Certified in 100% working order by a trusted 3rd party is worth a premium over one that is not. The quote from the TronicsXchange CEO is “PhoneCheck has increased our profits, decreased our human errors and I highly recommend it to anyone dealing in used mobile devices”