September 16, 2016
battery diagnostic

Battery Diagnostic Solutions for iPhones

Do you feel like you’re always plugged in, a slave to your iPhone charger? Battery life is possibly the biggest issue iPhone users experience. And Apple really hasn’t come up with battery diagnostic solutions yet. Maybe the next generation iPhone will have super battery power, keeping you unplugged and smartphone […]
September 9, 2016
imei blacklist check

What Is An IMEI Blacklist Check?

When you consider that the average price of a spanking new smartphone in the United States is projected to be $424 in 2017, you can see why buying used might appeal to some people. In fact, one article notes that buying a used phone will soon be just as commonplace […]
September 2, 2016
cell phone diagnostic tool

10 Features to Look for in Cell Phone Diagnostic Tools

From the iPhone to Android smartphone devices, cell phone tech grows more complex every year. This makes cell phone diagnostic tools more essential for users than ever before. And there are some pretty amazing apps and other cell phone diagnostic tools available to you to run those vital smart device […]