December 23, 2016
second hand mobile phones

The Best Optimization Tools for Second Hand Mobile Phones

Second hand mobile phones can have a positive impact on your bank account, according to a Time article on the matter. Using the best optimization tools for your second hand mobile phones can have an even bigger impact on your mobile experience. If your mobile device is slowing you down, […]
December 9, 2016

Can You Test a Device’s Bluetooth Strength?

Are you experiencing Bluetooth dropouts? This seems to be an ongoing problem, and a Bluetooth test device or strategy may be the answer. “Bluetooth is the foundation for transformative wireless connectivity,” according to Bluetooth’s “How It Works” Page. There is no denying Bluetooth equipped devices are innovative and amazing. However, […]
December 2, 2016
sell second hand phones

Tips for Selling Second Hand Phones Online

Selling second hand phones is quite profitable. And if you know how to maximize your efforts to sell second hand phones, you can certainly generate a passive income. “Though a few used-cellphone dealers have been around for decades, the business is expanding now because today’s most advanced smartphones are costlier […]