June 23, 2017
Second Hand Phones

The Best Second-Hand Phones to Buy in 2017

Given the frequency with which new smartphones release, many people don’t feel the need to upgrade on a yearly basis. Though using older devices can come at a cost. Companies routinely release software updates that eventually outgrow older hardware. Between feature upgrades and vulnerability patches, older phones are often left […]
June 16, 2017
phone blacklist

How to Buy Used Phones Without Having to Check a Phone Blacklist

When buying used phones, it’s vital to ensure your potential mobile isn’t stolen. If it is and was reported, it’ll exist on some form of carrier blacklist. This means no carriers will activate the phone. No matter how many phones you’re buying, it’s important to research the phone’s IMEI number. […]
June 9, 2017
remove icloud activation

How to Remove iCloud Activation on Your Employee’s Phone

Apple’s iCloud system helps companies coordinate their employee’s mobile phone information all in one place. From backups to contact information, iCloud provides employers with an enormously simple way to keep everyone on the same page. But that access isn’t forever. When people leave your company, you’ll need to revoke iCloud […]
June 2, 2017
second hand phones for sale

Are Second Hand Phones for Sale on Craigslist To Be Trusted?

With cell phones updating almost every six months, people commonly swap their old phones for the newest model, creating quite the resale market. Used phone buyers reap the benefits and enjoy great deals on phones at low prices. But is buying used phones always safe? People commonly shop for second […]