January 19, 2018
Cell phone diagnostic software

How Cell Phone Diagnostic Software Can Increase Your Used Phone’s Value

While certain types of cell phones tend to be more valuable from a resale perspective—such as iPhone, Samsung, and LG brands—numerous factors come into play when it comes to determining just how much you can command for your used mobile device. Read on for a look at factors that will […]
January 12, 2018

Can Phone Testing Tools Help Salvage a Broken Phone?

We rely on our smartphones for help with pretty much everything. Business, navigation, ordering food, you name it. So when a phone isn’t working properly it’s easy to become worried. However, most of this worry is due to one simple fact: we don’t know why. Phone testing tools can help […]
January 5, 2018
cell phone blacklist

My Cell Phone Is Blacklisted: What To Do Next?

So, you’ve done some research to find a used cell phone: searched classified ad sites to see what’s available in your region and price range, established contact with several sellers to cast a wide net, whittled down your list to focus on a particular seller and his or her device, […]
December 29, 2017
best places to buy used cell phones online

The Best Places To Buy Used Cell Phones Online Without Being Scammed

Did you hear about the buyer who found an online ad for a used iPhone, paid the for it, waited for it to be shipped, and then discovered that the phone had internal water damage? Then there are stories about certain unscrupulous sellers on eBay who deceptively sell mere pictures […]