PhoneCheck is a device-level software solution supporting the trade-in, triage, and testing portions of the mobile device recommerce industry.

About PhoneCheck

PhoneCheck, LLC is a leading, global provider of mobile device diagnostics and Certification solutions. We help our clients test, diagnose, repair and repurpose mobile devices with the most proven and certified software. Our clientele consists of equipment manufacturers, mobile network operators, retailers, and resellers of mobile devices. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a distributed workforce and customer base across the globe.

Our Mission

PhoneCheck, LLC. Announces our New Mission to become the industry standard for Mobile Device Diagnostics and Certification.

Los Angeles, Ca. December 15, 2015 – Software Solutions Provider PhoneCheck, LLC a provider of mobile device diagnostics, Certification, and data erasure services, (www.phonecheck.com) announces the company will launch into a new role – providing consumers, small business, and enterprise companies with the ability to verify via a trusted third party Certification that any 2nd hand IOS or Android device is in proper working condition.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), over 1.5 billion new mobile phones will be shipped worldwide in 2016. At the same time, shorter life expectancies and replacement cycles for phones are fueling a boom in second­hand smartphone sales worldwide. To be specific, PhoneCheck estimates the worldwide market for refurbished phones sold to end­users will grow to over 300 million units by 2017.

This is where PhoneCheck fills a pressing and unmet need. Through its trusted third party Certification and mobile diagnostics service offering, the company maximizes the functionality and resale value, while offering peace of mind to both buyers, and sellers of mobile devices. For the first time ever any buyer or seller of a 2nd hand mobile device can know for certain that the device was shipped and received in perfect working order due to our trusted 3rd party certification. We call this our “PhoneCheck Score” it works similar to a “CarFax” used car report. The PhoneCheck Score provides verification the device has passed a rigorous 60+ point inspection; it must have clean ESN, IMEI and will even provide an estimated resale value to the seller. This report has been proven to increase the resale value of the device.