July 31, 2017
The Best Value Used Smartphones

The Best Value Used Smartphones (That Actually Work)

Buying a smartphone can seem like an ordeal sometimes. There are practically innumerable options available for new phones, making it hard to choose the phone that’s right for you. Certain phones enjoy reliable reputations, but the costs associated with the newest models can be prohibitive. For that reason, a lot […]
July 28, 2017
test a phone

How Apple’s Transition to 64-bit Phones will Affect You

When Apple announced the iPhone 5S and its brand-new ARMv8 processor in September 2013, tech pundits all over predicted the eventual demise of 32-bit computing. Their predictions weren’t too far off. With the upcoming launch of iOS 11, Apple is officially killing 32-bit iOS applications. A Phone That’s More Like […]
July 21, 2017
android battery health

Checking Android Battery Health the Easy Way

People rely on their Android phones to communicate through voice, social media, email and more. So if your phone battery isn’t working, it can lead to a serious inconvenience. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to monitor Android battery health. We’re showing you how to diagnose and fix any issues […]
July 14, 2017
mobile diagnostics

How Mobile Diagnostics Increases Phone Resale Value

Whether you’re looking to resell your old phone or run a resale business, you’ll always want the best return on your investment. Old phones do hold value, but how much you make back depends on the condition of the phone. Used phones need to both look good and function well […]