February 28, 2017

Why a PhoneCheck Certification Can Drive up the Value of Used Devices

PhoneCheck SM Mobile Certification can maximize value for all your used devices. The ability to buy and sell used phones on nearly every platform has created room for extra cash, or a steady stream of passive income. Here’s how to impact your profit. There is no doubt smart devices are […]
February 24, 2017
phone diagnostic app

What Does A Phone Diagonistic App Do?

In the age of the flip phone, diagnostics focused on battery tests, functional buttons, and maybe the odd cellular signal test. Today, in the age of the smartphone where phone diagnostics is rapidly developing, you’re looking at bluetooth testing, battery testing, WiFi testing, and more before your phone earns any […]
February 17, 2017
test your phone

How to Test Your Phone’s Hardware Functionality

Chances are good that you’ve run into phone trouble at one point in your life. The bad news is that some phone problems spell the end of your handset. Dropping your phone is water for instance, almost always means buying a new phone. The good news however, is that many […]
February 10, 2017
lumia diagnostics

What Tools Are Available for Lumia Diagnostics?

Windows phones are the perpetual underdog in the smartphone market. People underestimate their viability because of stiff competition from Android and iOS. Microsoft’s phone line is undoubtedly losing market share with the public, but that’s never been their main market. Microsoft is, and has been, positioning its products to capture […]