10 Reasons to Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones on Amazon

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10 Reasons to Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones on Amazon

You don’t necessarily have to buy your next mobile phone brand new from a service provider—or from the Apple Store, for that matter. In fact, many people are realizing that purchasing their next phone on Amazon is a convenient, and a potentially superior, even, alternative. After all, everything else – from household items to alternate electronics – are frequently purchased on Amazon, so why not turn to them for smartphones as well? Read below and learn why this online shopping giant might be the place to go next time you’re looking to buy or sell a mobile phone.

10 Reasons to Buy or Sell a Used Mobile Device Through Amazon

  • You can find authorized dealers for refurbished products

Refurbished products can’t be sold new, but they’re usually just as good as a new product. These products are typically either barely or completely unused smartphones that can’t be sold as new for one reason or another. They might have had a single component replaced with an aftermarket part, or it could be something as simple as the model being used as a demo in a store. Amazon is home to many authorized dealers of refurbished phones.

  • They allow you to save some cash

Amazon is a go-to spot for retail steals, making them a great spot to score a high-tech smartphone at a discount. Instead of paying the high price tag that smartphone carriers usually boast, opt for something more affordable without skimping on functionality or quality. These smartphones range in price, some to be purchased for a bargain as low as $60 and others costing up to $400.

  • It’s convenient

Do you hate making the trek to a kiosk or brick and mortar store whenever you need something new? Ordering through Amazon doesn’t even require you to get off the couch, offering the same highly coveted convenience that you’re used to when you use Amazon to shop for other essentials.

  • No sales pressure from an in-store rep

Shopping for a new phone at a retail store can be uncomfortable, as pushy sales reps may pressure your into trying pricier models with extra features. If you want to avoid that kind of awkwardness, steer clear of physical stores and order a smartphone on your terms on Amazon.

  • They don’t come with plans

Being coerced into buying a phone with features you don’t need isn’t the only thing you should worry about when you go phone shopping. You’ll normally also have to go on a plan with your provider—which can result in you being totally gouged. Buying your device independently on Amazon, however, allows you to experience freedom from mobile plans, cutting down on cost and commitment.

  • Sellers and products are easily vetted

Concerned about security when using Amazon? Don’t be. All sellers are rated and verified so that potential customers know what kind of service to expect. Once you receive your new device from Amazon, consider testing it’s ability via a diagnostic service such as PhoneCheck. This testing puts phones through a comprehensive set of tests to ensure they work properly and have been acquired by the seller legally.

  • A variety of shipping options

Having different shipping options is especially important when you’re shopping online. Amazon allows consumers to choose a faster shipping option and to receive a new smartphone sooner than it may be available with traditional phone retailers. This is a compelling reason to not only buy off of Amazon, but it also makes it easier for sellers, too.

  • Extra consumer choice

Some mobile phones are exclusive to specific networks, which can make it hard to find both the service and the device you want. However, there are plenty of competitively priced smaller networks in most countries that allow you to bring your own device—which means buying your device independently via Amazon can help you acquire the plan you actually want to be on.

  • They’re transparent about fees

Selling phones on Amazon is regarded as a desirable process because they are upfront with sellers about all applicable fees and charges. This way, sellers will know from the start exactly how much they stand to walk away with when they use this platform to market their mobile devices. The same straightforwardness cannot be said for all other selling platforms, making this a notable draw.

  • Increased visibility for consumers

It’s no secret that Amazon is a highly visible platform that consumers are constantly using. That fact gives not only buyers the confidence that they have a wealth of options when looking for a used mobile device, but it assures sellers that their product has high visibility, helping them to earn the profit they’re seeking faster.

The convenience Amazon offers makes it one of the best ways to buy or sell a used mobile device today. Consider this option the next time you’re ready to either buy or sell a smartphone and you’ll love the convenience and affordability that comes along with this platform.